Toddler Survives Tornado

Did a 20-month-old New Pekin, Indiana, girl survive a horrific ten mile ‘ride’ in a tornado that swept through the New Pekin area Friday, March 2, 2012? A tornado that took the lives of her entire family?

According to news reports Angel Babcock and her family were inside their mobile home when the tornado struck. During the tornado Angel and her family were ‘violently thrown across a ten mile distance from each other” with Angel, who is in critical condition at the Children’s hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, the sole survivor.

ABC 7 News:

“Four of the five family members were killed when a tornado violently threw them from their modular home Friday in New Pekin, Indiana. 21-year-old Joseph Babcock, 20-year-old Moriah Brough and two of their three children died. They are 2-year-old Jayden Babcock and 1-month-old Kendall Babcock. 20-month-old Angel Babcock is the lone survivor.”


“Kendall was a month and a half old. And she was found in her car seat upside down. Jayden was 2 years old and he was found under the rubble,” said Sherry Young. Young is Justin’s mother and had also known Joseph.

“Joseph was found on the opposite side of the road from his house. Moriah was found underneath a tree,” said Young. “Angel was found out in the middle of the field all alone. She’s 20-months-old,” said Young.

The field Angel was found in is 10 miles away from where the rest of the family was found. Angel is in critical condition.”



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