Modular Homes Withstand Hurricanes

Modular homes used to have a reputation for not being safe during hurricanes. However, modern modular homes must conform to new building regulations required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Homes by Vanderbuilt builds modular homes with stronger designs and materials that withstand hurricanes and high winds. HUD building codes now make it necessary for modular homes to sustain hurricane-force winds.

Hurricane IreneModular homes shown in the media after devastating hurricanes are usually in pieces, but what the media fails to report is that the fatalities associated with modular homes are only from ones that were built decades ago before the new building codes were created. Residents who survived severe hurricanes in newer prefabricated homes reported minor damage, like shingle loss. Over the past few decades, construction materials are also stronger and special products are designed specifically to withstand high winds. Homes by Vanderbuilt uses modular home designs and materials that fit the codes while being customizable to fit buyers’ personal tastes.

Traditionally constructed site-built homes have the same strength as today’s modular models from Homes by Vanderbuilt. Some reports show that pre-fabricated homes may be even stronger since they are built with almost thirty percent more materials and require more resilient ground attachments in their foundation. Special modular home designs redirect winds around the home, limiting the damage to the property and better protecting residents inside. Also, each section is created individually and able to withstand the stresses of distribution and delivery, something that standard residential frame-built homes don’t offer.

Home buyers looking for affordable housing trends are usually savvy enough to know about HUD’s national building requirement codes. With so many educated buyers, the modular home industry’s outdated reputation for being weak during storms is starting to dissolve. These savvy home buyers get to take advantage of design versatility available through Homes by Vanderbuilt, which engineers each modular home to code and makes them able to sustain hurricane-force winds. Not only that, but modular building systems available from Homes by Vanderbuilt also provide eco-friendly construction material choices, which limit energy loss and save homeowners money over time.

Pre-fabricated home layouts from Homes by Vanderbuilt are strong enough to offer protection during hurricanes; however everyone should know that it is not safe to remain inside any home if it’s in the direct path of a high category hurricane. Always trust local evacuation warnings and find safe shelter away from a severe storm’s direct path.

Modular Homes Survived 160 MPH Tornado!

Homes By Vanderbuilt

Continuing with the theme of this website of providing home buyers with relevant information regarding modular homes versus natural elements, Homes By Vanderbuilt brings you another story about how these modular homes withstood 160 MPH tornado winds.

A tornado struck Western Massachusetts with 160 MPH winds on June 1, 2011. Two modular homes that were directly in the tornado’s path fared much better than any of the surrounding stick built homes. This video shows the destructive path of the tornado and what it did to each of the homes in it’s path.

The second contains interviews with both families about how they and their modular homes survived the twister’s ravaging winds while most of the other homes in the neighborhood were completely destroyed.

Based in Sanford, North Carolina, Homes by Vanderbuilt is a licensed general contractor specializing in the design and construction of modular homes in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Homes By Vanderbuilt has the nation’s largest model home display. They have been in business for nearly 30 years.